Meet the distillers


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Skyler Pittman

Master distiller, ceo

Becoming the Youngest Master Distiller in the World was no accident for Skyler.  As the legend goes, his great grandfather made a living supplying Al Capone with his personal supply during Prohibition.  A young Skyler heard this tale and decided to investigate; what he found were secret recipes, techniques, and a history of distilling going back over 100 years.  He vowed to master what he had learned and share it with the world.  Working as an underwater welder to pay the bills, Skyler spent 10 years and over 70,000 hours underwater trying to realize his dream. Slowly but surely, his dream began to take shape.  He managed to perfect a new way of distilling by utilizing old school techniques and marrying them with new technologies, creating an unbelievable line of craft spirits.  Finally, in October of 2017, his dream became a reality.  However, the distillery isn't just about Skyler's talent alone: the secret lies in his persistence and determination to produce the best possible product.  That is what makes Copper and Oak Craft Spirits a cut above the rest.



Ian McMahon

Distiller, coo

As a young man growing up in New England, Ian learned the value of working hard to achieve a goal.  Enlisting in the Navy, Ian's chosen field of work was in the launch and recovery of aircraft; a job described by as "the most dangerous job in the navy".  After 5 years and 4 deployments onboard USS Kittyhawk and USS Eisenhower, Ian was honorably discharged.  Still looking to push himself, he took up a career as a commercial diver, diving in the construction of bridges, piers, and hydroelectric dams.  It was while working on the midtown tunnel in Norfolk that he met Skyler Pittman.  After hearing his idea of creating a new craft distillery, Ian knew it was the job for him. Toiling away as an assistant to the master distiller, he came to eat, sleep and breathe distilling.  It didn't take long before he left his career as a diver behind to become Chief Operations Officer at Copper and Oak Craft Spirits.  Ian's relentless approach to creating the best possible spirit is evident in every single drop.